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Why Choose SICAVO Consulting?


Armando has over 25 plus years experience in the Utility Construction Industry.  He started working as a construction laborer and progressed through the various positions  up to an executive.  He understands the importance that each position has on the entire construction team.

One Call

Armando has served on the PA One Call Board for six years as an alternate and served as the board excavator representative since 2016.

PUC Damage Prevention Committee

Armando was selected as one of three contractor representatives to sit on the PA Public Utility Commission's newly formed Damage Prevention Committee in January of 2018.  He currently is serving out his three-year term from 2018-2020.

Common Ground Alliance (CGA)

Armando serves as the excavator representative from NUCA on the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices Committee.  He has served on this committee since 2015 and is an advocate for contractors nationally.

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