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Our Services

Our Servuces
ACT 50 Training (One Call)

This training module covers the entire law from start to finish.  This is a perfect update or training session for every stakeholder.

PUC Required Excavator Training

Do you have required training from the PUC?  This module covers all the requirements and refreshes all additional sections of the law.

Complex Project Training

New to Complex Projects?  Want to know how to use them to your advantage?  This module covers the entire process and includes Mock meetings.

Damage Investigating & Reporting

How to properly document utility incidents, take accurate pictures, and report to the PUC.

Customized Excel Files to suit your needs

Need customized Excel spreadsheets built?  Let Sicavo Consulting create them for you.

Construction Consulting

Do you need help with Job Costing, Estimating, Project Management, Budgeting, and Field Training your personnel?


"Armando lives, eats and sleeps excavation!  Seriously!  His knowledge of the both the law and a field crews’ circumstances are impeccable and brings so much more value to his training!  He leads into his courses with direct involvement using modern technology, and he explains the law or excavation practice in field crew terms.  You really get the “picture” when your group participates in his worksite demonstration with all hands-on deck!

Brenda Reigle

Executive Director

NUCA Pennsylvania



Ready to find out more?

Contact us to find out more about how our services can help with reducing/preventing utility damage incidents by understanding the law.  Need assistance with specialized Excel forms, properly setting up job costs systems, or case reviews for AVR's?

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